Yesterday I spent the day in my own head, depresssed, filled with anxiety, and needing comfort. I didn't have the energy to do anything. All I could think about was my baby girl, and did I make the right decision for her. I have always been honest on here, so I will now. My daughter has been diagnosed with R.A.D.(reactive attachment disorder), this is a rare diagnosis for chidren. It also makes it hard to control your child, no type of dicipline works for them. She also has a mood disorder to go along with it. My boyfriend and I, consulted my family, and her therapist, and she had to be hospitalized for a little while. It broke my heart. The rest of the family knew and could see what what was going on, but as her mother I just couldn't tell myself that there was something wrong with my baby girl. There was one final episiod that made me see what everyone else saw. I am doing the best thing for my daughter. I have to do this now before she gets older and it is too late. I does break my heart, I don't want to see her hospitalized. I just wish that "Mommy could kiss it and make it better", but I can't do that this time. She has to do this work on her own. All I can do is love her, and we all know that.....Love Never Fails.



08/21/2012 8:25am

We all love her and you. We are here to support you all! You did the right thing, just keep positive and pushing forward!

08/21/2012 8:30am

I want you to read this blog:

New Kind of Mom
08/21/2012 9:22am

Thank you!! I read the blog and loved it. I will continue to follow her blogs. She is truely inspirational. Thank you for all your help over years....I love you!

08/22/2012 6:49am

Yes. I love Bertice Berry's stuff. She was the speaker for my graduation and I had to find her blog to follow. She is always seems to hit the nail on the head! LOL

08/22/2012 6:50am

This is my blog

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