For many centuries all siblings have had a rivalry with one another. Brothers picking on sisters, grossing them out, and tattling on them. Sisters are always trying to out do the other at what ever it is they are doing. My sister and I have been doing it for years. Even though I am the oldest I still feel the need to try and out do her some times. We no longer have that close best friend relationship we use to have, instead I feel we have a competion, and I don't like it at all.
Now watching my two children, they are doing the same thing, just at a much earlier age. Did my sister and I teach this to them?  Or is this different? I hate when they fight constantly, and tell each other that they wish they were an only child, and that they hate each other. I wish that they could see how precious  having each other is, and they are hurting a lifetime bond. Or am I going overboard here? Should I let them fight it out, and at the end of the day everything will be okay. I'm still so new to all this, that some times I just go blank. Afraid to ask for help, because I will feel like a failure as a parent, and afraid someone will take them away form me again. I wanrt to be a super mom, and have all the answers, and know how to do it all perfectly. I watch the "traditional moms" out there and feel like "WOW, they have got all together".  Or are they just like me, feeling there way through this, and have no clue either? I may not have the answers, but what I do know is....... Love Never Fails!