So, it is that time of year again when the kids are having their first long break of the school year. It is Fall Break!! Ten long days where the kids are bored after the first couple hours, and on each others nerves soon after they wake up on day one.
As I look over at them  now; one has a Xbox controller attached to his hand and the other is holding a tablet. (And already bickering over everything) I want to make things different this year! The weather is beautiful, and they could be outside playing. As a kid I grew up in Louisiana, I had sugar cane fields in my back yard...we used to run and play in those fields for hours. My sister and I even use to take our dolls outside and play house in those fields. It was so much fun. Now I know we live in an apartment complex on a busy road, but there is so much to do around here and it won't cost me a dime.
We can have a scavenger hunt, like I used to do with my parents.  Play a game of whiffle ball. Tag Football. Painting...I have some canvas' left.  Baking together is always fun, plus we get to eat the treats!! Maybe we will take a trip to the park.  and when all else fails put on a good movie, and pile up on the couch together. I think I will save that one for a rainy day.
Starting today I am going to limit their amount of technology they can play with, and get the creative juices flowing!!

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