My mom told me long ago, that one day I will come to her and say "Sorry" for how I behaved as a child. Personally have done that several times to all of my parents, I have come to realize that there is more to saying sorry. There come's a point in your life that you realize you can no longer blame your parents for all your issues and problems in life. We have to take owership, and realize that we messed up.
For many years I blamed my parents divorce, my mom not being around, for all my problems. As I got older, I hated all my parents, felt like they owed me something. All the while acting out, showing my ass, and doing what ever I could for attention, well into my 20's. It affectted peoples lives in so many ways, that I never knew.  As most of you know I have straighted my life out.  I have come to see everyone around me as regular people, even my parents, and have come realize why they made decisions they did, just as they know and understand why I did what I did. I have no reason to blame my parents or anyone else for my issues any longer. I Have let go of all that stuff to have a clear heart and clear mind to move forward in my life. Now it is my turn to be the parent. Have everything bamed on me, and repeat the cycle of life. I feel good about it. I am open and honest with my children, and always will be. So later on when they blame me for all of life hurts, they  know i was honest with them, I kept no, secrets, and they know I always did the best for them. And I constantly remind them that  God said , " Love never fails."

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