There are some people in the world that are are trying to say that I am not a good mom. Matter of fact they think that when I am trying to what is best is really harming my child, enough so to charge me with neglect of my children. Thier sole purpose to  gain custody of my kids bcause they think they could do better and don't see and don't want to see the issue the child has. I think is sad, really to put your own self before the welfare of the children. Why hurt a child that needs help, why enable a child that needs help,  because they don't think that the mother who has finally come to grips that her child needs the help,  is wrong. Maybe, I am trying everything I know. Maybe this is hard on me. Maybe they are being selfish, and they need to forgive  themselves for their past mistakes and , and realize that this isn't their child that we are dealing with. This is my child, whom is very different.  I will fight for my child, I will fight for what is the right  thing for my child.  They need to give me a chance. Work with me, not against me. I tried to do it their way, but a court battle, trying to put me in jail,  and saying that I neglect my children is wrong. It is the wrong move for the kids, and everyone involed. I will prove that their. charges are completely unfounded. I am a strong woman. They will not beat me down. I fought for my children for 7yrs, and never gave up, and I will not give up this time.

Remember.......Love Never Fails!!!!

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