May 1st, 2012 was an answer to many of prayers that I had prayed over the years. I had been told that God asnwers prayers in His time, not yours. I knew that, yet I was getting restless, depressed, and strating to feel as if my children would never live under the same roof as I. I had already missed so many birthdays, holidays, and first days of school. Today I got one of those days! It is the first day of school, and I got to do all the mom stuff to prapare them for today. Then came the moment I had been waiting for all these years; I put them on the bus. That may seem trivial to many, but for many this meant I had done my job, and now it was up to them to grow and learn. My three months of real parenting may not of affected them much on their schooling, because they are both very intellegent kids. I have to thank my sister for her part in that. She did a great job! Now it is my turn, and I know that I can do this beacuse I have strength through God. He got me here, and He believed that I was ready to be Mom again, and I will not let Him down.  Nor will I let my family,friends, myself, and most importantly the kids down. It's may sound as if I am putting alot on myself, especially while being sick, and my disorder does make it challenging at times. Again from my faith I have been told that God never puts more on you that you can handle, and I keep with the motto I learned in NA "Just for Today". With those in mind I know that I will make it, I also know that......Love Never Fails.

8/13/2012 03:27:36

Never forget (even in moments of frustration, greed, or anger) who has stood behind you or your children. Don't count yourself out because an injury benched you from the game, because as long as you are apart of a team, you are always in the game!

New Kind of Mom
8/13/2012 22:52:59

Thank you so much for you comment! It is great to have support from others. God Bless You!


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