Welcome to my very first blog. The question was posed to me "why are you doing this?". I thought about it for a moment, and then answered: this a a forum for me to write what is on my mind, share what is like to not be a traditional mother, and when I feel down to find the positive, and hopefully maybe touch someone else with my story.
The last three months have been a time of transition for all of my family, not only the ones under my roof, but everyone. Some days are hard, and some days are easy. We have pushed each others buttons, we have laughed at each others jokes, and we have spent time getting to know who each other are. This summer has changed all of us forever. But I have to say it has been the best summer of my life! I have watched my two children who I barely knew three months ago, talk my head off and tell me everything, especially my daughter. My son dreams of being a football player, and can't wait till he can start playing in school.
Over all we have all learned alot about each other this summer. This week starts a new chapter in our new life when they go back to school, and I learn what is like to be a stay at home mom and "wife" as I call it. You see my boyfriend and I have lived together for 4 1/2 yrs now. But I wouldn't have gotten this far with out God, and the support of friends and family, so I must say thank you to them. Until next time......Love Never Fails!

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