Since I have started this website/ blog I have shared a good amount about myself. I want to here from all the mom's out there. We all are important, we all have a story, and what I have come to discover in the past couple of weeks, is that we are all a New Kind of Mom. Every household in the word has a diferent dynamic. Dad's are "moms", Grandmother's are mom's, aunt's,uncles, there are people all over that are taking care of someone else's children. There are mom's who never had there children, but a few weeks out of the year. There are mom's with special needs kids, single mom's struggling. We all have a story. We are recoveriong addicts, victims of some kind of abuse, we have a mental illness, or a physicall illness. No matter wha ou have gone through, or are going through, share your story, tell your friends to tell their stories, so we can inspire each other. Help each other, and make our mark on the world. We are mom's! We are special! I am looking forward to hearing from you! And don't forget.....Love Never Fails!! 

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