"We aren't poor, we just aren't wealthy." These words were spoken from my daughter last night. It struck me  that she could see it that way, when I have been over burdened and stressed out about money. I worry that I am not doing the best for my children, that I can not give them everything that they were used to at my sisters. I have a much smaller home, they have to share a room, we can't go and do things, and there are times that I have had to wonder if we were going to make it through the week with what money we had. I have considered us poor. My boyfriend works six days a week to take care of us, for which, I am ever so greatfull. I can't work due to my seizuire disorder, and other health issues. The kids have felt the difference, my daughter even told me once that she "didn't know if she was ready for all of this", but since then she has embraced our situation, and tries to find ways to help. I habe been in worse situations, I have lived in run down motels, not knowing if I was going to have  roof over my head that night or a next meal, so I need to be more greatful and look at things from my daughters point of view. I have a roof over my head, food in the refridgerator, cable TV, internet, cars, and many other things that others do not.  So next time any of us stress about what is going on with our finances, look around you and see what you do have. Then do something for someone less fortunate. The kids and I donated clothes to a church that gives them away for free. That way the true homeless, and the truely poor can have some clothes. There are al kinds of things you can do for others and it will ultimately make you feel good about yourself. When all else fails....Love Never Fails. 

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