This is a poem that I wrote several years ago that I wanted to share.

Tornados swirl above,
 Carrying chaos,
 And mental abuse.
I ask for help,
                                                               Seeking refuge,
                                                                Sheltering myself,
                                                               With the love from above.
                                                                The winds die down.
                                                                 The storm ceases.
                                                                     Serenity enters my soul.
                                                                        I live  for the moment,
                                                                   And pray for the rest.
                                                                     Life no longer lives me,
                                                                   And I begin to live.
                                                                 Holding the hand
                                                                Of the one who has
                                                              Now become
                                                                My best friend.

                                                              written: 5-3-08

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