As long as there is divorce,  families will be splitting up and going their seperate ways. Then somewhere along the way someone falls in love again, and a new family is formed, a new complicated family. I myself am a product a divorced parents, and of stepparents getting divorced from my parents. As a child I never saw the politics that came along with divorce. Yes, I knew there were complications, just never really saw the whole picture until now. Combining my children and their family, with my boyfriends daughter and her family, hasn't been as easy as we thought it to be. Everyone  involved seems to want what they want for the all the kids, and compromise sometimes seems difficult without hurting someone's feelings. I myself, am a people pleaser, I like it when everyone around me is happy, then I know I have done my job. Pleaseing everyone is getting harder and harder these days. It really bothers me the most when the kids are the ones who feelings are hurt, because after all the rest of us are adults and know what the parameters of the situation are, yet we still make promises that can't be fullfilled. Trying to combine two households into one is hard, I shed tears, so have the kids. Maybe there will never be exact instructions for this element of life, but what I do know is that..... Love Never Fails.

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